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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Torn between seasons


spring is about to fully enforce its regiment, yet there are some wee hours in the morning where you would think former times are still in effect...it´s hard work to dress accordingly.

Anyway, i sported my recently aquired jacket by fellow blogger Paolo of Suitorial, a great guy with an even better wardrobe. Cheers, chap!
Additionally, you can see a new bag making its first appearance. I grabbed it at River Island in Dublin, a great summer addition in my eyes.

The comments:
@Anon: no worries, as long as you keep praising me i won´t get started on you hiding ;)
@Art: you´re totally right, it´s la cri de la soie...anyways you got what i was referring to :)
@Elaine: what a pleasure you made it to here...haven´t been commenting a lot on your blog lately, but i´m still a regular follower!
@Mistermidwester: cheers, Aaron. How long till she arrives??


  1. Thanks spoozy :)

    I like that your pin and tie match! Details!

  2. Brilliant tie and jacket. I'd like to see more shots of the hat and bag.

  3. this is best of all your outfits!!