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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Stil feeling the green


i´m back from Dublin, the lovely capital of the evergreen island of Ireland. Went there with my family and girlfriend to see my sister, who´s currently working there. I saw an Irish theater play called "Lay me down softly", went to the Irish Modern Museum of Art, strolled through The Jail, had a lovely walk just alongside the shores of Greystone and Bray and ate delicious food at The Farm, The Queen of Tartes and Porterhouse.

What could be better than spending time with your loved ones, enjoying some fine stout, food and a great city? Pretty much nothing, i guess...

Lads, it has been wonderful!!

When i dressed up this morning, i was pretty much still feeling the influence of that stay...shirt was as blue as the sky, tie as green as the landscape and shoes resembled the colour of the ocean (excuse the shitty setting, didn´t have time to take pictures outside today):


  1. I'm liking the little pops of green!

  2. Love all the colors and textures on this one. Everything works perfectly and the greens and blues in the silk are really electric. Great stuff.