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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

First 5 colours, than 5 textures


this is the last entry for this week, as i´m of to Dublin for 5 days...won´t be able to post (potentially), so you have to take a break on Kleidsam.

Yesterday was all colourful, today i focussed on throwing togehter various textures...and guess what, i pretty liked it!

The comments:
@Mike: cheers, i´ll host some pics here ;)
@GG: yes, it is indeed pretty long, but that´s just how i like it. Not a fan of short coats!


  1. Pretty amazing! Do you wear a blue chino?
    And what kind of jacket is it?

  2. This time - really good coordination of composition. It's just what i said few weeks ago, not too many colours, lot of courage and style. cheers :D

    still anonymous