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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rio with Jo, Düdo with Mike!


yet another lovely sunny day in Düdo: spent my lunch time pacing the streets with Mike, fabulous author of Inner City Style. We strolled down to the river site, went across Carl´s Place and stopped to take pictures of me on one of the many bridges overstretching the rhine on Kö...the day ended in Rio, or better put, with Rio and Joe...went to see that new 3d movie named "Rio", the story being about a blue parrot...kiddy thing, but i´ve been invited, so that justifies going there, i guess....cheers, Jan and Werbe Weischer :)

Cords made my day, along with some new brown suede tassle loafers (the same last as the blue ones from this post) and the lovely tie i recently shopped at Scott Alexander´s great CKC shoppe.
As requested by my ever so lovely blog companion Elaine of Clothed much, here are some more pictures of the new bag...

pic is courtesy of Inner City Style
pic is courtesy of Inner City Style

The comments:
@Elaine: hope you´ll get what you asked for here?
@Scott: cheers, Scott! At least you got the bag here, the cap will follow :)

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  1. I really like those the shoes. Great use of the tie! Very nice bag, I have something similar with yellow fabric.