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Monday, March 14, 2011

Maybe a rework...but still good


had yet another splendid weekend with my love, some nice food and chilling out on our couch...nothing too fancy, really.

When i thought about what to wear on this monday, i decided to go for some POW check and that lovely vintage orange woolen tie from Scotland. I´m pretty sure the upper half has been worn and shown here before, but what the heck, it still makes up a decent dress (and with the grey pants, it´s something new). Ah, and before you start complaining: the sc is tight in the waist, but not as much as it looks in the shots :)

Hope you had a great weekend, too!

A lot of commentaries over the week, here are the answers:
@Yankee-Whiskey-Papa: cheers!
@Scott: thanx a lot Scott. Honestly, i´ve been thinking to swap the shirt for something more neutral, but all i could have come up with would have been white...a blue just didn´t seem right. And for the tie: well, this one certainly is bold, but blended in nicely with the vest :)
@Margaret: i love it, too. Massimo Dutti, Barcelona :)
@David: cheers, David! The fabric has been specifically produced for german forum members of stilmagazin.com, it´s mid-heavy tweed cloth woven by Breanish.
@Anon: thanx for your praise, buddy! Been recently feeling like making some good improvements in terms of consistency. Still, failure occurs occassionally :)


  1. You can never overdo a good blue and orange combo. After all the bolder patterns a day back, I'm really liking how the subtle-ness of all these hold together.