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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Despite sunshine: grey


clearly not in terms of mindset, but in terms of colour: felt like bringing out the well-known combo grey / tan out today...along with a thick dark blue wool tie in herringbone weave and one of my self-cut pocket squares.

Apart from that, i brought two recently bought jackets to a tailor Mike of InnerCityStyle told me about: although the shop itself seems pretty much packed and not very welcoming from the outside, the tailor (a lady) seems to successfully run her business. I´m pretty keen on the outcome and i am sure she´ll meet my expectations.

Enough with the babbling...btw: do you guys prefer the larger picture sizes or do you want me to return to the old, smaller shaped ones?

The comments:
@MisterMidwester: thx Aaron :). The vest is really one outstanding piece, recieved a lot of praise for it round the net. And you´re absolutely right on the orange/blue: they make the perfect pair for each other.

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