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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

No more tweed for 6 months!


yet another fine day on the shores of the Rhein: remarkably warm (about 11 degrees), a freshly blowing spring wind and loads of sunshine. To even top that off, i could leave the office quite early today and went sale shopping to Neuss, another raid to Tkmaxx then. What first seemed to be a complete waiste of time finally turned into a pleasing journey: i could score a cashmere / silk tie, a fully uncanvassed dark blue cotton blazer with working cuffs and a nice floral/paisley scarf...summer, get yourself through the door, i am ready!


As mentioned in the title: last time for tweed today. This kind of fabric will not reappear any sooner than october.
Sorry for the blurry pic, seems as if my camera even can´t stand tweed anymore...off ye go!

Before i start to answer your comments: i seized my early work´s leave to reorganize my tie collection, separating them into two batches: the silk ones and the woolen ones (or mixed fibers)...in my eyes i have now layed a solid base, but there is a lot of room for improvement :)

Finally, the comments:
@Love: shooting close-ups is the new way to go :)

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  1. I see a couple ties in there that I would most definitely like to borrow. :)

    We're warming up here and I'm having thoughts of leaving the tweed behind, but it's still darn cold on the morning bike rides into work. Soon even the mornings will be above freezing, and it will really feel like spring.