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Saturday, March 12, 2011

All´s well that ends....well...


what a week...long days in the office, a million things to do in order to keep the engine running...but guess what: love it ;)

My very first bespoke item left homely shores to see DüDo´s daylight today...Julian, mastercutter, made this beautiful double-breasted vest, executioned with all the little details that truly do seperate it from rtw-stuff: lines exactly meeting each other over flaps, perfectly sewn button holes, extraordinary fit, etc. I simply love it and it won´t be the last thing i´ll have Julian working on for me. Once again: a million thanx, boy!!

Today´s get-up was inspired by SF challenge "Trad"...do i qualify for participating with it?

One comment to answer:
@Anon: guess you got a point there...but then again, how would i support you coming here for inspiration? Can´t provide both, so i guess i stick to my game :)


  1. Brilliant individual pieces. However, I think the the patterns are too much this time. I'd love to have that waistcoat, never seen anything like it.

    Your order shipped out yesterday. I hope you'll like the extra ties. They're quite bold, but I'm sure you can work them.

  2. Congrats on your first bespoke item! It is quite the smashing piece and will definitely fit in nicely with the rest of your collection. What made you pick that specific fabric? Also, that tie is excellent, wish I had that fabric in a jacket.

  3. According to my last comment - this time your outfit is really good. Three similar elements: pants, waistcoat and tie, suede shoes, plain blazer and on the other side - bold shirt. It calls the style! I think you can compete with the SF guys!

  4. Late arrival, but the vest is indeed killer. Love the braided leather buttons. That thing should kill it for a solid 3 seasons.

    Really like the bold shirt stripe. Kick out the jams, man.