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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Purple pattern play


after yesterday´s colourful get up with burgundy red, yellow, blue, white and tan, i decided to take one step back on the crazyness scale and went with grey all over the place. As you can tell by the pics following, the mess was caused by varying textures, this time: we´ve got stripes, dots, herringbones, checks and solids on display...From a colour perspective, it was blue, white, grey, black and purple. If i had to extinct all colours but one, my choice for "last shade standing" would be....na......purple :)

Additionally, i went to CFC today, accompanied by Mike of Inner City Style. Great folks there and plenty of cool stuff, reduced by 50%. Sale, baby! Still, i only bought two things: a knitted laple flower and a metal button.

pic is courtesy of Inner City Style

Talking is done, let the music play:

Only one comment to answer:
@Aaron: cheers buddy, i´m looking forward to it :)

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