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Friday, February 18, 2011

Fashion contest


right at the moment, i am taking part in a fashion contest hosted by french tv channel Arte. If you feel like supporting me with your vote, i´d be glad if you click HERE...

Apart from that, i went for some colourplay after yesterday´s purple-grey scheme...additionally, this is my last post for the next 10 days: i´m off to be medically treated and won´t wear nothing else than sweatpants and grumpy old sweaters.

Have yourself a good one and hope you´ll keep coming back on Monday, 28th of February :)


  1. Get well soon, man. I'll try to carry the torch the next ten days with some suitably bold combinations.

    I also voted for you... and voted down some others that deserved it. :)

  2. Excellent look, I like the little bits of color here and there.

    I'm not sure if I've ever asked you or not, but who makes those loafers?

    Also, my skull tie clip like yours finally came in about two months late haha. I've been wearing it like crazy though, definitely one of my favorites. Thanks again for the tip on it.

  3. Wishing you a speedy recovery, friend. We anxiously await your return.

  4. Get well soon, we miss you. I have voted for you. Actually my German is not good :) I have voted for you 3 times not knowing how many times were supposed to vote, we stupid Americans:)

  5. Spooz - I hope that you are okay? Don't know what's wrong but I will pray for the best!

  6. Speedy recovery, dear friend. I have come back to blogging and you are off. I hope you will be well soon. Will surely vote for you.