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Monday, February 28, 2011

Back in the game


after an absence of ten days, i´m not yet fully recovered, but at least wearing some reasonable textile sheets wrapped around my outer shell. Starting with blue-striped shirt with contrast collar, a dark blue merino shawl collar cardigan and a grey tweed jacket. The pop of color springs from my new silk pocket square, a lovely gift by my Dad for my 26th birthday. You know, i´m a sucker for paisley, so this will easily become one of my favourites ;)

One thing noteworthy: i have the best colleagues ever! It is a common tradition to collect some money for the ones celebrating birthday. Normally you´d be given an amazon gift voucher, but i received a far better one: one valid to shop at one of my favourite local men´s wear stores! Whoaaaa, great! Thx a lot, guys :)

Anway, done with the talking..the pictures:


The comments, as you know:

@Mistermidwester: thank you so much for your support, Aaron. It really helped a lot. Concerning your fits, i gotta admit there has been some incredibly good stuff lately, the v-neck sweater was off the hook!
@David: cheers, David. Loafers are made by Markowski, a french brand. The tie clip is great, cool that i could give that hint ;)
@Yankee Whiskey Papa: thx, i´ll try my best :)
@Justin: thx :)
@Paisley Curtain: thank you so much for your support! Really appreciating it :)...my family voted many times, so i guess that´s legit :)
@Justin: i´m allright, as i said. But thanx for caring!
@Pratishta: thank you, Pratishta. Good to hear that you´re back on track!


  1. Glad to have you back in action.

  2. Very glad to see you back and doing well. The pocket square's pretty amazing. Happy belated birthday! Been looking forward to your return post each day.

  3. That shirt has the perfect collar, and the tie has the perfect knot, well done and welcome back!