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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tie blow-out


as indicated yesterday, my colleagues gave me a gift voucher for a birthday present, and hell, did i spoil myself today...went totally nuts on a preppy-belt and some cashmir and woolen ties...awesome:

Today´s wardrobe consisted of another self made bow, some cords and a checked sweater with a button-down shirt. I felt pretty trad today, although some might surely say i lack the spirit of Oxford (or the brains, which definitely is the case): anyway, i felt great wearing it and that´s all that matters.
Plus: i went to see Julian for finally getting my hands on my first bespoke clothing item. Julian really did an unbelievably great job in cutting, styling and sewing my double breasted vest, made from tweed. I´ll host pictures of this beautiful item the day after tomorrow...Julian, i´ll see a great future for us working together coming up! :)

Talk is cheap, here´s what you all are longing for:

Note to self: shave...

The comments:
@Scott: thx man, i´ll try my best to keep you folks entertained :)


  1. something´s gone awry with your flickr account. Your blog doesn´t load any of your pics!

  2. Looking good today, I like the pattern mixing and the bow tie. On another note, I need that belt, who makes it?

  3. Nice belt! I also like the orange blue plaid pocket square in the your other post.

  4. Hi, where did you get the belt from ... Which label ..? Thanks flo