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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rework on a vintage tie...colourplay included


as indicated in one of my posts before, i now host a banner of my turkish friend Kemal´s company Viccel. If you feel like trying out his socks (i am owning 16 pairs myself), you can click on that banner, thus being entitled a 20% discount of your total cart. If you don´t, no worries, you´ll just miss some great socks.

Anyway, this is not what you came here for. My totally insane lust for colours has brought a new creation to life: i turned a vintage Rooser tie from a previous post into a bow tie. Alongside with my self-made lapel flowers, it came off pretty dandy. Hope you don´t mind me fooling around like that. Well, and if you do: i don´t care, that´s just me :)

Time to answer your sweet words:
@Rachel: you´re way too sweet, Rachel! Tell me, how far´s your boy gotten in learning his skills? Already working on some pieces? totally consent on everything you´re saying, in my opinion going for bespoke means building a lifetime piece of textile that resembles your character and who you really are (quite pathetic to put it this way, but that´s just what i feel like).
@Justin: i envy your skills, man...your post about those balmoral boots nearly killed me. I´ll host some of the pics soon, if i may!
@Mistermidwester: let me thank you once again, Aaron!! And hey, i´m totally fine with you not liking a thing, i really appreciate your thoughts on what i do.
@Bigio: cheers man, had a sneak preview on your blog...awesome stuff!


  1. I like the new layout. It's definitely keeping it seasonal.

  2. Spoozy! What a great new design! This is you!

    I like your latest attire pretty much (One of your top 10s, I must say). Jacket's a killer (in combination with socks, bow tie and chino) but, to be honest, the shoes do look kind of strange to me. Maybe it's because they're so very narrow at the toecap?