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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Oh no, not again...oh yes!


went to P&C during my lunchbreak, accompanied by my fellow co-worker I. She had to get her boo a new hoody, which i fully supported by strolling around through the subterrainian basement myself...but i didn´t buy anything (although i could have, clearly). Many great things on sale...now you ask why? Well, i made up my mind on how to spend the many grands i will own in the upcoming future, and i drew the conclusion to go for some things more individual, which means bespoke clothing. Yet, it takes time (and putting money apart) to fulfill this goal. So i try to reduce my OTR shopping to a minimum to get closer to that...but, for now, i stopped over at Roland Schuhe just across the street. Now, you know me, i would probably not be buying shoes there. But i fetched up some great inner soles for my rather cold and big shoes. Now they are perfectly fitting and my feet are warm: what else could you ask for? ;)

Anyways, enough with the talking, let´s get down to regular scheduled programming. This is what i wore today (lumberjackin´ around the world, as Mike of Inner City Stlye has called it):

A special thanks goes out to my fellow blog comrade Mr. Midwester, who has been kindly giving me that ridicously great Polo Chaps tie for free. Aaron, let me thank you once again and take my apologies for not stating it beforehand !!

The comments:
@Mike: sure you´re right, but you know me...that fooling around with colours is my game.Joint Lunchtime operation? Always...
@Republic: thanx a lot, exactly the same for you. With readers like you, i´ll be lucky as ever :)


  1. I very much like your idea to buy bespoke clothing (of course:))...I do believe any established individual should invest this way. (although I do understand it's pricey!) The best part about it, usually similar to price as a high-end designer piece and yet made to fit your every curve as well as your selection of fabric, placement of pockets etc.

    Nice outfit above...really like the grey jacket and gloves!

  2. God, I love those loafers!!!! So jealous Spooz!

  3. Hey, I recognize that tie. :)

    Agreed with SS above, the shoes are killer. Not sure what I think about the vest over the jacket, but hey, what do I know?

    Enough patterns to totally clash in the wrong hands, but you're working it well.

  4. WoW! Such a great post! Wonderful details. I like your blog.


  5. Those shoes are brilliant, flat out. As for sartorial musings, I've been debating myself as to whether or not one should wear a down vest over or under their blazer. Although I've seen the Italians wear it over, I'm tempted to say it actually looks better under, ala a post from you a while back with the Polo vest worn under. What are your thoughts?

  6. Spoozy, dude, you will tell me where those shoes are from right NOW!