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Monday, January 3, 2011

Life is grey enough...


back to regular scheduled program...working that is, and getting dressed up for that purpose. The day has been rather damp and i didn´t see a single ray of light sticking through all the haze...so i decided to add colour by throwing together various pieces of my wardrobe. Additionally, you might have already noted my admiration for the "onion principle": layering means being able to wear several pieces at a time, purposefully in accordance to the surrounding temperatures.  And to top everything of, i am wearing one of my selfmade bow ties, handcrafted by me and my mum. If you feel like you got to have your own, just drop me an email using reg.spoozy@googlemail.com

Additionally, i finally got hold on my new socks from turkish manufacturer Kemal Onyurt of Viccel Socks. I came across his business when surfing on different forums and have been ordering new socks ever since. Colours are just outbursting, and the quality of his garments is beyond doubt. If you´re in search for some new socks, i´ll guess you should have a try. Attentive as you are, you might have noticed the Viccel Banner being hosted under my blog header. If you feel like shopping, you can get a 20% discount by clicking it. Sure, i´m making money if you do, but it´s really up to you. If you don´t like it, just don´t click it...i´ll always stick to what this blog is about: things i like and which i can recommend by personal experience.

To even top that of, i´ve been checking H&M during my lunch break and guess who i met: Mike of Inner city style. Initially, i didn´t plan to buy anything, but i couldn´t let go of these two great things: a red and black puffy vest and a double breasted cardigan made from heavy wool. Both were a great catch, taking into regard their sale price (15 € each). Jackpott, baby!

The following pictures have been taken by Bini on the subway of New York. As you can tell by the pics, she has a good eye for details and a great sense of style when she sees it. If you are a fashion photographer as well and want to submit pictures, just drop me a line using reg.spoozy@googlemail.com


  1. Great post! Color explosion indeed but flawless as always. It was nice to meet you and thanks for the clue regarding the vest. My wife is pretty envious :-)

    I think we have to spend another lunch break together soon.

  2. Happy new year, you.. Wish you much love and luck this year :)

  3. The "onion principle", I like it. One that I regularly follow too. The scarf, cords and bowtie are my favorites today, purple and orange work incredibly well together.

    Also, just wondering, does everyone in Germany really watch "Dinner for One" every New Year's Eve?