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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Got reblogged...and will re-blog, too :)


i am reading a lot of tumblr blogs and take a lot of inspiration from them...i was quite surprised to find my stuff reblogged on another blog...seems like i am gaining impact on the scene :)

Anyways, we´ve got three new members to the family: please give out a hearty "hello" to Puetz78, Mosze and Masood Khan. Glad you made your way here and feel free to comment on everything of interest to you.

These two lovely outfits come from Pure Evil (left) and Today´s tie (right). Both authors really know their game and i can only recommend to have a look at their tumblrs.

pic is courtesy of Pure Evil
pic is courtesy of Today´s tie

Comments shall not be left unanswered:
@David: thank you for your kind words...the jacket is made by Boss, a german men´s wear label (pretty sure you know it). Skiing was fun, but the weather wasn´t that good...
@Mxolisi: yeah, there´s something true about that. I think i´ll keep it that way...

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  1. I am "glad to make my way" to your blog. I hope you will not mind if I re-blog something from your blog at my blog :(Paisley Curtain)