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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Purple all over the way...and ps origami


what a wonderful day i had: won´t go bother you with details, but one of my general principles in life has actually prooven right today: if you´re doing others good, it´ll come back to you in the end. And this is even true for the most profane things in life: sharing a laughter with someone who´s serving you, for example. Chatting and making fun of yourself, thus entertaining ten people queued up in a row, all in a hurry. Smiling at them and making them smile...it´s pretty easy to do good, you see (sidenote: if you feel miserable, the story´s a bit different, admittedly).

After all the colour clashing over the past few days and some errands on textures, i´ll turned down the volume a bit today. Clearly, that doesn´t mean staying away from colours in my case...only that one colour is predominantly repeated in various pieces. I am a sucker for purple, partly because it´s a warm colour that´s perfect for this time of the year, the other reason being the fact that you can nearly combine with everyother colour (apart from pink and red, i guess).
As stated in the title: purple all over the way and some ps origami...and thanx to my lovely sister who gave me the sweet tie for a christmas present...well chosen, Dicken!

Comments and answers:
@Masood: glad you made your way here, Masood. If you like something, just reblog it but don´t forget to mention where it´s coming from :)
@Mxolisi: thanx man, i pretty much like it that way, too.
@Mike: cheers, Mike! One of the top tens? Wow, wouldn´t have guessed that...but thx! I´ll give you credit on the shoes, but i think it´s the image that´s bad, not the shoes...they are the same as here and you wouldn´t say they´re weird, would you, telling by this post?
@David: cheers, man. That´s a fairly good question you´re bringing up here...i think it totally depends on how thick that vest is. The PRL own can easily be worn under a jacket, whereas that´s nearly impossible with the down vest. I´d agree with you, though: preferably it is to be worn under the jacket (still, if you have to decide: vest over jacket or no vest at all, i´ll always opt for case no. 1)
@David: thanx again. To answer your second question: yes, all Germans do. It´s like the one principle we all can agree to follow...seems strange, doesn´t it?


  1. Hello Mr. Spoozy- you and I are going to become good friends. As long as you keep posting unreasonable outfits I will continue commenting. Regarding post below:
    Take this number for instance (I have only searched to the end of this page I dare not go any further. I believe I have seen enough houndstooth to last me the rest of my life) you have coloured a paper flower! And upon finishing said colouring you placed it in your lapel hole which I doubt is fuctionable being that H&M seems to be your tailor. I am unaware as to how a gentleman with glasses the size of your's can pair such dreadful ties with the 99 cent store jackets but then again you did color a flower and place it within your lapel buttonhole.
    To finish, this will be short, (kind of like the stubble that seems ever so persistant on your chin), your curly locks paired with this sweet outfit recalls from my memory the man I just threw my spare change at down the street.....wait a minute....I think he too was coloring a flower!! Try a trim and a shave and maybe you'll be able to pull off my grandpa's orange socks... Or maybe not
    Cheers Spanky
    The Real Sartorialist.

    P.s. your tailor owes you a refund, he hemmed your pants 5 inches too high!!

  2. Spooz I love those orange socks from the post before and all of this purple!! Those are killer! You can definitely reblog my pics man, anytime. How about a link too, as I have yours...?

  3. Love the look, Purple looks good, I'm just not ready to try and oull off white pants/jeans yet.

    Good stuff.

  4. Hi! I love this purple post. Do you have any information on the tie that you could pass along?