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Thursday, January 6, 2011



i am breaking my daily routine of reacting on a comment within the successive outfit post. On today´s previous post, i received a very long comment from Mr. Anonymus...i had to laugh hard, so i won´t spare you from reading it yourself:

Hello Mr. Spoozy- you and I are going to become good friends. As long as you keep posting unreasonable outfits I will continue commenting. 
Regarding post below:
Take this number for instance (I have only searched to the end of this page I dare not go any further. I believe I have seen enough houndstooth to last me the rest of my life) you have coloured a paper flower! And upon finishing said colouring you placed it in your lapel hole which I doubt is fuctionable being that H&M seems to be your tailor. I am unaware as to how a gentleman with glasses the size of your's can pair such dreadful ties with the 99 cent store jackets but then again you did color a flower and place it within your lapel buttonhole.
To finish, this will be short, (kind of like the stubble that seems ever so persistant on your chin), your curly locks paired with this sweet outfit recalls from my memory the man I just threw my spare change at down the street.....wait a minute....I think he too was coloring a flower!! Try a trim and a shave and maybe you'll be able to pull off my grandpa's orange socks... Or maybe not
Cheers Spanky
The Real Sartorialist.

 Ah well, there you go...did you laugh as hard as i did??

I´m flattered that someone who even didn´t want to leave a name behind took his time to spit so much venom about my optical attrocities. The stuff in here really must have upset the boy, but seems as addictive as cocaine :)

Honestly, Mr. Anon: please come back and enlight us everytime something isn´t reasonable in your eyes. I´m pretty sure we´re making good friends, i´ll help you resocialize.
You just made my day...you could even become a regular follower, just to make sure you´re not missing a single thing.


  1. Sounds like one of the Style Forum losers who thinks that only people with bespoke suits and clothing have style. I loved how he titled himself "The Real Sartorialist." I almost feel like it was a prank. Who does this? So much animosity for nothing!! He is probably just a sad recluse with nothing else better to do than spank it to internet porn and insult others that make him feel inferior. We should all just feel sorry for him.

  2. Actually his writing is very funny, though perhaps unfairly aimed. Bloggers should be happy to receive japes written by sour-but-articulate gripe-casters... because the majority contain zero punctuation and laughable spelling. That being said, if the commenter has stylistic differences or displeasure with the viewing of photos, the solution is simple and self-administered. To the writer of this blog, I say keep up the look and style that you've been perfecting, because it is uniquely tuned and particularly pleasant.