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Monday, December 13, 2010

A special one for....Schlabberbacke aka J


what a wonderful weekend i had...spent friday night dinning at a remarkable restaurant named "Heilig Geist" (Holy Gost), situated in a building which was once a medieval hospital...a very special place, with soft music, lots of people and great, super-tasty food...

Saturday was pretty easy, i bought my love her christmas present , met  J and R at our regular coffee-bar and ended with watching "The Blind Side" with oscar-winning Sandra Bullock. Nice one, by the way, if you feel like believing in the right things and acting accordingly always pays out...one for the heart, i´d say.
Well, nothing noteworthy on sunday...except the fact that i only got three days left on work: i´ll start my time off on thursday...whooooaa, looking forward to that ;)

So, what you all come here for...this time, it´s about skullz ;). J aka Schlabberbacke, this one´s especially for you, hope you like it!

I believe to have answered every open comment in the previous post...so boys and girs, gimme some more :)


  1. One of my all time favorite outfits. Some so incredibly traditional about it, with a twist.

  2. There did you buy the tiebar? That is so overkill! :D

  3. Hello friend! I absolutely love trying/finding new amazing restaurants and this one looks positively charming. How sweet that you bought your lovely lady her Christmas present...she's a lucky lady by the way. Your outfit looks very festive, nice holiday attire. Interesting skull details as well. Is skulls a recent trend as of late?

    Happy Monday!


  4. Like it? Seriously? I LOVE it!
    Skulls shiny! :D Great combination: the shiny skulls vs. the worn-out looking belt. That's totally worth being excited for a whole weekend! ;) Arrrr!

  5. After seeing the skulls from your recent post, I decided to pull the trigger on the same set. I like that the tie clip is handmade in England. Can't wait till mine show up. Now I just gotta get me a tie and those skull slippers and I'll be set.

    By the way, you've done one of my favorite style combos, using the faint stripe from the prince of wales with a similar color trouser and tie, excellent work!

    Your pictures always remind me how I need to purchase more corduroy, looks good!

  6. Late to the party on this one, but I agree it's your best in awhile. Great patterns, textures, and colors, with a bit of swashbuckling for good measure.

  7. The plaid and skulls are a bit McQueen, I think its unexpected and great! :)