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Monday, December 13, 2010

Back to modesty...and no skullz, but a bow tie


received a lot of praise round the web for bringing out those skullz on friday...as this one was making quite a bold statement, i felt like gently tuning it down today...well, surely not attributable to the overcoat. But i finally got to wear the second one of my handmade (that is, by me and my lovely mum) bow ties...pretty cool, hein?

Your comments have been appreciated...here go the answers:

@Scott: probably one of my fav´s, too...felt great to rock the streets like that :)
@Anon: scored it on ebay.co.uk, easily the best shopping place in the world (if you´ve got the time and you can let go off things if they´re not perfect)
@Rachel: thank you for your kind words, my italian beauty :). Yes, this place was indeed awesome...such a great atmosphere, great food and the one i love surrounding me (i am the lucky guy for sure). Couldn´t get any better! Skulls have been around ever since, but i guess they´re not very formal / often seen in men´s wear...makes it way more interesting to bring them out.
@Schlabberbacke: just tryin to please you sartorially...lookin´ forward to thursday. Will you bring R, too ? ;)


  1. Great attire! And a really cool bowtie. The coat's a killer, too. Am I wrong or do you take your pics in the same H&M every day?

  2. You and you r "mum" did quite well on the bowtie.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  3. Yes sir, I have to agree, that bow tie is quite the business. So, you and your mom make them?