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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Orange and tweed

Dear Fellow Followers,

been working rather long and only returned 20 minutes ago...pretty fuc*** up right now. So, no much babbling, just pics. Wore the recently aquired vintage tweed tie...and broke the rather subtle sport coat with some orange...

Ahhh....you´ve lately been showing a lot of interest, telling by the number of comments. As long as i don´t reach a hundred a day, i´ll surely answer them all:

@David: sure thing, skullz are not very geniune these days. Still they spice up any men´s weardrobe...if fitting the rest of the character and person. Drop me a line when yours has arrived, would love to see you rock it....and velvet slippers...need to have those as well!!
@MrGoodwill: thanx a lot, i´ll forward it to her...and we´ll surely make some more...was rather easy to handle...
@MisterMidWester: ah, cheers, Aaron! Sometimes i´m just lucky and happen to throw the right stuff together by chance :)
@RepublicofChic: oh yes, even though i don´t take any particular in high couture fashion, i like your compliment :)
@Mxolisi: yes, it´s pretty easy, having mum lending me her helping hand...really not that hard, have a try yourself!


  1. I've never seen a tie like that. Overall, a look very similar to what I'd wear. Great job pairing the pocket square and sweater.

  2. I like all these footwear really awesome