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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Knit tie


you´re awesome....if you ask why, then here goes the answer: although "only" 50 of you are officially regularly following, i get about 700 visits a day...seems as if you like what you see, why else would you come back? I take it as encouragment to keep on doing what i like...

Spend my lunch time with my colleague J, eating Sushi. Was tasty and delicious, i´ll definitely go there again.
And guess what...J told me, my tie would "kind of resemble the sushi"...all right, boy :)


  1. Really killer outfit today man, especially with those monks.

    I gotta admit, although I'm normally not one for striped jackets, this one is really nice.

  2. Nice attire! But what about the closing of your jacket? A test if we look carefully enough? :-))

  3. Really liking the subtle contrast tie stripes and jacket stripes

  4. spooz, love the knit tie/pocket square combo!! That style subtlety at it's finest!!