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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nice bow job...


got a catching title, ha?? ;)

No, nothing sexually related up there, just a play on words...and on colour / fabrics / attire, that is. I´m heading south for meeting my girl, we´ll then travel to my parent´s / family´s home town...heavy snow-ladden at the moment, and freezingly cold. Yes baby, welcome back!!

So, there will be no real outfit pictures over the next 14 days...and only some pics from the archive. I´ll come up with random shots from tumblr, i guess and will be back in full force on January, 3rd.

Until then, have yourself a merry little christmas and a happy new year! Thanx for all your support, the time and effort you put in here, commenting, sharing thoughts...it has been a real pleasure!


@David: cheers, David. Unfortunately, this one came without the suit pants...still pretty cool...but a mean one to combine :)
@Mike: no, it seems it´s just to close on the left, not the right side...stirred quite some chat on the forvm :)
@Scott: thank you Scott!


  1. I love the bow - the colors here are just great!

  2. Great outfit!

    Where did you get the pocket handkerchief?