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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Great stuff on the net...tumblr, that is!

Dear Followers,

not wearing anything noteworthy today, so i´ll come up with some very nice, if not to say killer looks from the tumblr-archives...

Pic is courtesy of Ivy Style

A dapper gent...

pic is courtesy of the Mao G spot
Great colour combo on the shirt / tie...

pic is courtesy from Today´s tie

Some very serious business combos, yet with a nice twist...

pic is courtesy of Prepidemic
pic is courtesy of the Guy Style Guide

Ralph always has it right...

pic is courtesy of Enthusiasm documented

Next one: simply great!

pic is courtesy of Bow tied and starry eyed
It takes balls...

pic is courtesy of Today´s tie

I would definitely wear that...

pic is courtesy of It´s all mental masturbation and Pure evil (left)

So, been receiving a lot of attention lately...here are the answers:

@Mike: cheers, bro. You´re right, it´s sometimes necessary to be bold.
@Schlabberbacke: ... ;)
@Stuart: cheers, Stuart. You´re words are far too kind...the yellow windowpane jacket is really one of my most loved items, although it sometimes is a tough one to wear...and hell yeah, i love Suit Supply. Hope you turn back into soon!!
@Elaine: all right, so i stick to that...and yes, it is...will have it cut shortly :)

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