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Friday, December 10, 2010

Solid enough?


just returning from a nice evening with great christmas food and some nice chat with the AS guys...was really nice meeting you people!

So, have been lately going nuts on colours, was time to lay back a bit. Which version of me do you prefer? The relaxed one or the Dare Devil? :)

The answers:
@MisterMidWester: too much praise here...just trying to get dressed properly every morning. Sometimes i epically fail, which means trying harder even more fun :). It takes time to hunt a good pair of cap toe oxfords...but it´s worth the wait. Good luck, chap!
@Scott: cheers, man. Really looking forward to seeing you post yours!


  1. I'd kill for that jacket :-)
    But to answer your color question: I like this attire pretty much (especially for an evening event). But sometimes it's good to be loud.

  2. Hi Spoozy,

    I'm new here but have been catching up with your archive over the past week. Some great looks, and your modesty is really amazing.

    I particularly enjoyed your jacket with the yellow windowpanes, your chukkas and some of your cap toes. Lovely stuff.

    I also share your enjoyment of Suit Supply; great to have a place that is relatively affordable with such a cool house style.

    Keep up the good work.

    All the best,

    Voy Por

  3. Daredevil of course!

    Your hair is getting really long!