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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December, first...who let the dogs out?


holy moly, that has been a hell of a first december day...in regards to temperature, that is. Felt like Düdo´s became the capital of Siberia overnight...brutal winds tearing at your clothes, messing your hair and leaving you feeling like you freeze from outershell to inner organs...Jeebus!

Apart from that, i am happy to announce that a new project came to life today and will continue to live until christmas eve: everyday i´ll host a picture that symbolizes christmas in some way. Starting with the following:

It only takes a little light to make you see...same with friendship and love: jsut one dear friend or a lover is enough to keep you progressing forward. Appreciate their feelings as the biggest present you can probably get on earth.

I´m very happy to welcome yet another blogger as a regular follower: please give a warm and hearty "hello" to Boaz, a style blogger himself. I reckon you might want to check his blog out, some cool fits over there. Boaz, feel welcomed and free to comment on whatever you like!

That being said, i come back to more profane topics, such as clothing (but clearly, they´re great fun). Went for some christmas colour combining (green, blue and burgundy red). And underneath: all candy ;). As you can see, i sported the new Scabal linen pocket square from Einstecktuch.com. Ahh, and the new H&M tie i aquired lately...

As always, nothing goes unanswered here:

@Boaz: cheers Boaz, i liked what i see over at your blog!
@Rachel: cheers, honey :)...yeah, been thinking about that, but blame me, i just like it that way. No cut in sight, i fear...


  1. Hey Spoozy,

    I love the tie!
    May i ask, where you got that Dufflecoat?


  2. that tie is cracking me up :D great catch!!
    PS:I Replied on your Jay-Z post comment :) Maybe you can share your thoughts about that topic as well

  3. i've had a scroll through your blog and i gotta say that you got great style.

  4. loving the yellow striped pocket square with the b/w and blue...
    whats project was this? share pics of it too...

  5. What a funky tie! Saw it when I was browsing through H&M and thought a second about buying it. But I could never wear it the way you do! Respect! Mein lieber Herr Gesangsverein!
    Great coat, too!

  6. spoozy,THANK YOU for the recommendation! I really like what you are doing here....that is exactly what I'm trying to encourage on my blog for guys to create their own personal style and have fun with dressing and that is clearly what you do, and very well if i may say so! I'll definitely make sure to follow regularly!