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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Herringbone massacre


business as usual, i´d say...yet with a pop of colour. And a turning christmas tree in a near-by shopping center, backed by a choir singing festive carols...so, you guys getting into the mood?

The comments:

@Prutha: thx :)
@David: cheers, Bro. Believe me, that thing keeps me warm all day...super cozy, it is. The squares were just off price, i had to get them. The skull cufflinks can be bought at the bay, there should be some tie pins left as well. Good luck!!
@Mike: cheers, bro! Yeah, they got quite well together, that´s true. Now i only need to sell something in that section...doesn´t look that way, though...


  1. Very nice outfit, everything works together great. Looks warm too! Not a fan of the hair though...thought you had plans to cut it? ;)