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Monday, November 29, 2010

Stuff on sale - Cosy winter wear


finally the snow has started to fall in the place where i reside - not that the city is covered in white blankets yet, but temperatures are soaring downwards, and it´ll most likely continue to that cold and the humidity from up aove effects in snow (personally i like winter: being able to cover in various layers makes dressing even more fun :))

The weekend has been great: been attending a lovely house party at my former co-living´s, spent time on the couch and had rump steak...i mean, what else can you ask for?...well, surely some new garments :)

If you wanna fight of the cold, then you better check the items that are up for sale in my Kleidsam on sale section. I´ve got to offer a very nice beige with purple stripes (sound ridiciolous, but have a look) sport coat and a vintage charcoal darkb blue and grey pinstripe suit. Maybe there´s something there for you...Offers are welcome!

Sure thing, i went totally nuts being these ones (@Jen: gotta keep up my reputation ;)):

There is even more to come when i´m being delivered two additional woolen ties (vintage ones bought at the bay) and seven pair of marvellously coloured socks from my turkish friend Kemal over at viccel. So you better stay tuned!!

I´ve been sporting my new sc to great effect, i´d say...along with the recently aquired cashmere knit tie and a flannel shirt. Turned out to be perfectly fighting off the cold :). So, here goes today´s outfit...


Last, but not least, here´s a selection of wonderful pocket squares by Scabal and Patrick Hellmann. I can only recommend you to check out the sale section over at Einstecktuch.com, there are some good catches to be made!


  1. First of all, that suede overcoat is amazingly cool. The cognac color is perfect for fall and winter. I have something similar but it's shorter and lighter in color so it doesn't make it out that often. The rest of the outfit is excellent as always and your new pocket squares are awesome, especially since they're scabal.

    Also, I have to know where you got the skull and crossbones tie clip and cufflinks.

  2. David's more than right. Prettty amazing attire! The new tie and scarf make a perfect couple.

    Starting this shop thing was a great idea!

  3. I love the skull cuff-links, they are cool!
    You have a fun personal style!
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