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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Great stuff on the internetz, again and again

Dear Followers,

nothing to blog from myself, i´ll rather host eye candy, gathered around from the web....

pic is courtesy of Mr. Sartorial

The following looks do all come from the Style Forum, a gathering of well-dressed men:

And, as always, the answers:
@Kansuke: sure you may...bought it over at ebay.co.uk for a mere 40 pounds...this one is made by Gant, and fits great, while keeping me warm.
@Marco: thx bro, this one didn´t receive my girlfriend´s love, but you can´t make her happy every time, can you? :)
@theNyanzi Report: thank you very much, i´m always enjoying reading your posts. Hope you check back soon...
@Prutha: ahh, the project...see, i´m no good photographer, so i stopped after posting the first pic...and it was my idea, but hosting some christmas pics is not very genuine at the moment :)
@Mike: sure you could, but guess what...it´s easier to wear such stuff with people thinking of you as the "crazy bow tie guy with a love of colourful splashy dresses" :)
@Boaz: thank you for your kind words, Boaz. Your mission just sounds like mine :). It´s time to get the male inhabitants of this planet to dress better, which does not necessarily mean ties and jackets, but dressing thoughful...

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  1. The first and last photos are incredible. The pattern mixing and proportions are perfect. I'd love to have jackets like these.