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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Prep in full swing...again. New tie, though!


has been pretty cold today...but no worries, layering does the trick. And a vest will surely help to stay warm.
Sported the new vintage J. Crew tie, which arrived from Australia yesterday.

Answers, as always, go first:

@David: cheers, David. Ohters would call it "messy" :)

Is this prep enough?
And can you please not comment on that knot? It´s a mess, clearly, but i couldn´t do it any better. The silk was kind of reluctant...


  1. I like the last pic. The outfit comes to life with you in stride. Great combination. I'm a little confused as to the colour green. Isn't a chiefly autumn/ winter shade...?


  2. When I first saw the jacket underneath in the firs tpic I thought it was messy. But it actually fits you quite nicely so it works.


  3. First: No worries on the tie's knot, count it as a part of your Sprezzatura.

    Second: Your kit is killing it, I'm loving the red trousers, especially how bold it apears to be on what looks like a gloomy looking Autumn day.

    Good stuff.

  4. In response to your previous post and this one, I think "messy" is such a relative term, people who would think you're messy are probably too fastidious to actually enjoy curating their own style versus just getting it out of a magazine. That being said, there are sometimes when being slightly disheveled is actually what you want to be aka sprezzatura.

    I too have ties that seem to be averse to a perfect knot, I usually have to settle because I like the tie and still want to wear it.

    I've just started wearing my velvet jackets as well, I'm probably going to have a post detailing all of them soon.

    You are also a much bolder man than I, I usually don't wear shoes lighter than the rest of my outfit with the exception of white suede bucks.

  5. Layers are truly a great way to combat the cold. I'm not too sure about these pants with the outfit but I do love the tie. xo

  6. Throwing red pants into the mix is always a good choice. It certainly adds another feel to the outfit, making it more daring and eye catching!