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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Oozing power...

Cheerio Folks,

whoohaaaa...wearing a suit today? And for what purpose? One for the money, two for the show :). Been meeting the client today...

Answers / comments:

@TheShoeSnob: cheers, buddy!!
@Mxolisi: well, you´re certainly right. Wouldn´t call this particular green autumnal, but hey, i just felt like wearing it anyway. Green can be very festive-season like, though. Imagine it being very dark...combined with burgundy red...on-the-move-pics are my new favourite thing :)
@Elaine: thank you for your kind words, Elaine. It´s really great to have you come here every other time!
@DY: you´re far too kind, man. The knot was a real mess, although i tried various times, unti i finally gave up. And hell yeah, with the city being all grey, a nice pop of colour can´t be too bad, ha?
@David: looking forward to that velvet jacket post! And thx for your kind words, really appreciating those! I don´t own white bucks, but think they really can compliment any summer outfit...
@Rachel: thx for your insight, i deliberately chose red pants to add another colour. Might blue have been the better choice in your eyes?
@Jules: cheers, buddy! Suit supply kicks it for me...


  1. What...a suit?
    But it's nice,well done !


  2. Awesome suit, especially with the functional sleeves. And those suede captoes? If I were the client I would definitely be impressed.

  3. I've never seen a tie like that - quite beautiful. Very stylish and powerful suit. Your combination of patterns is excellent.

  4. Hello friend, no not blue.. I'd like to see the previous outfit with neutral beige pants perhaps?

    Really fancy suit in this post! May I ask why you left the 3rd button undone on your jacket sleeve instead of the last?

  5. Hmm, Spoozy, you're killing it here man. That suit is fire. The combination is too nice. My favourite patterns are the tie and shirt. As well as the colours. I just love how the reds bounce off reds. That suit is nothing but POWER, hey.

    Do you think brown silk knots would've been too much..?