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Monday, November 22, 2010

Great stuff via Tumblr - love it!

i just wanted to send out a quick "Thank you" to all of you guys for your participation with my blog. It is always flattering how insightful your comments are, let alone your praise for most of my outfits. Every once in a while, someone dares to criticize me: i expect you to share your thougths here, so i am perfectly fine with you not liking something particular and / or suggesting alternatives. That´s what makes blogging so special: starting from common ground but choosing different ways to get to the top. 

So thank you so much for your patience and the time you spent here. I am additionally happy to welcome a new member to the Crowd: Vintage Whistles, a great vintage men´s wear seller (and blogger)  i have been checking out regularly in the past. If you like the english gentleman attire, you have to go check out the stuff!!

The comments:
@David: thx a lot, David. Suit has been made by Suit Supply, the shoes are from french company Bexley. 
@Scott: funny thing, the tie is sold at H&M, i only paid 5 € :). And thx for the praise!
@Rachel: would have definitely been an alternative joice, Rachel! But i preffered to pop another colour, so i went with red...and the answer to your sleeve button question is: simply out of taste, no real explanation here :)
@Vintage Whistles: thank you, good Sir! I really like the stuff you´re selling, if it only were in my size ;)
@Tweed Jacket: thanx a lot!!
@Mxolisi: thank you so much, Mxolisi. Really, really appreciate it. In my opinion, brown silk knots would have kind of interfered with the interplay of the red-white-blue theme here...but would have gone perfect with the shoes...aahhh....not sure, give me time to think about that :)
@The Shoe Snob: cheers man, red pants are always an eye catcher, you´re totally right.

I am totally digging the following stuff: the Internetz is such a great place for inspiration...

all pics are courtesy of the respective tumblr authors

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