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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Inspiration followed by a copy, a new bow and snow


as indicated in the foregone post, i find so much inspiration in the blogging world out there, and some stuff is just too good to not requote it (or bluntly copying it, if you will): so here you have my try on wearing bright orange cords...and the first self-made gun club checked bow-tie, handsewn by me (and with a great deal of help by my mother, admittedly):


  1. Brilliant style. I wish I could find orange cords in my size!

  2. Excellent job on the bow tie. Are there instructions somewhere that you used? I have an old tie or two I'd like to make into a bow.

  3. like the boots :) didnt find the right ones yet. i am kinda going for some sorel's...

  4. Ahh I see you picked up one of those blackwatch down vests, I must admit they look better than I thought they would (which is why I was hesitant to purchase one).

    This is a really solid casual outfit, one I may have to steal haha.

  5. Great bow tie - Christian (Style Sage)

  6. Hey Spoozy,

    love the bow-tie.
    Great work!