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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The day i got shot...and some more blog features


during my lunch break, i usually stroll through to the streets where i take my pictures. I did so today, when i was suddenly approached by a young man who asked me if i minded him taking a photo of me for his blog...well boy, i certainly don´t! But believe it or not, i am always kind of nervous if someone else is asking me to pose for them and their blog work...the guy´s name was Adrian, and he was ever so polite. Just checked out his blog on Fashion Unplugged, and, as expected, they have some serious material over there. Better check it out yourself!

Another blog has given me the opportunity to answer 7 quesions on men´s wear and style: it´s all german, but if you´re interested in some sharp to-the-point and insightful thought on men´s wear and style (haha...), go check out Slow Wear for their "Sieben auf einen Streich" stuff.

Your comments have been encouring me a lot lately, as shall my answers:

@Scott: keep searching, Scott. It took me nearly three months to find a pair in my size for a reasonable prize (not that ridicously overprized GAP stuff).
@Rachel: the outer jacket is a vintage Harris Tweed jacket, dating back to the early 80s...probably the best fitting vintage buy i ever made on ebay.
@Schorsch: there surely are...check my fellow blogman Kansuke´s blog Sammelsurium for a nice introduction/explanation on the topic.
@Marco: cheers buddy, they´re made by Bugatti, bought at Zalando. Thx to the inner lining, they´re pretty cozy and keep one´s feet warm :)
@David: a vintage ebay one, to be honest. But still a great piece, in my opinion. And yes, please steal (but don´t forget to quote ;))

Well, enough said...let the pics do the talking:


  1. if i may, i'd like to copy some of your cufflinks designs and get them made with my jewller. i love them!!!!

  2. This look is so classic. I've always loved standard Glen Plaid with the light blue (and red) windowpane. I had a suit like that when I was little and remember so many gentlemen in my church wearing this style. I'm still hunting for the perfect one for me.

  3. Just found this blog, gotta say I like it alot! Keep up the good work and I'll be sure to check in everyday.

  4. damn it, I know why this guy wanted to take a shot of you. just really fantastic.