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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Not so much...

Dear fellows,

just a quick note today: nothing noteworthy to blog. Even pics got crappy today...i mean, you can´t kill it every time, can you? But one thing´s for sure: that self-made tie i´m wearing is kicking!!

The comments / answers:
@Abdul: whatever you like, boy. When you´re finished, can i have a pair? :)
@Christian: thanx Christian! Always nice being complemented by a young gentleman of fine taste.
@Scott: thanx a lot...i only worry about the fact that there were no trousers to come along with it. Hunted a jacket like that for ages...patience pays out in the end!
@Anon: glad to hear you like the stuff. Feel very welcomed to join us one day, i am seeing forward to your next comments.
@Jules: too much praise, Jules...still, thank you! As said to Christian, always nice receiving praise by ones who are looking dapper themselves!


  1. As I said before: You seem to own a huge closet!
    Stylish as ever.

    The Burlingtons are great, aren't thy?

  2. The unbuttoned buttons, be they shirt or cuff buttons, are sprezzatura at its worst.