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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Green and blue...


not feeling like wasting your time and my words lately...so just pics....and the obligatory answers to your comments:

@Marco: thx, Bro :)
@Mistermidwester: thx, Mister! Those are made by english shoemaker Grenson, i applied the different colour on the cap toe myself...
@Rachel: thx a lot, Rachel!
@Anon: thx for your comment. Well, surely "cheap" depends on how much you want and can pay...pricewise, they were not "cheap" for me. The colour used on the cap definitely was the wrong one, but this effect has been intended...it´s a mixture of blue and red wax...each to his own :)


  1. Fantastic combintation as always. I especially like those herringbone gloves, it adds another pattern into the fold.

  2. Love the colors in this outfit and that jacket is super fresh!!

  3. I love your stylish use of colour & fabric combinations, a great look! : )