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Monday, September 6, 2010

Killer looks

(courtesy of InEarnest)

(courtesy of welldressed.se)

(courtesy of unabashedlyprep)

I´d kill to get my hands one one of those...!


  1. I'm glad I see young men in your inspiration posts.. Fresh! :)

    BTW, I did an update on this post after you asked about the garment's history. Have you seen this?


  2. The closest I have ever come to seeing a pair of velvet slippers, is a satin pair, in a shoe store in Johannesburg. Ridiculously priced as well. If I could get myself a pair, please believe it, I would rock them mostly with shorts. I just love the varying logos, motifs, emblems. One thing, you can't just one pair. Any discerning would get himself a gang of these.