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Monday, September 6, 2010

Time for cord


albeit a sunny day, seasons are on the move. It is likely getting colder over the next few days and it´s time to bring out sweaters, knit ties, tweeds and cord. Cord´s a fabric i love, one that can be worn in many occassions during the stiffer days.

So here´s what i went for: knit tie, button down shirt, a cardigan and my blue cord jacket. I´ve attached some new leather buttons to it and it now has leather ellbow patches (Mum, awesome!!).
Brown suede shoes and a grey cotton pocket square. There you go...

And ahh...we´ve been celebrating with the agency, all people turning into wild west outlaws. All people? No, one´s withstanding the arise of evil and brings forth justice and peace to the outlanders...let´s say, i was nearly scoring zero in the Sheriff-look-a-like contest...

Third thing: blogging is nothing without fellowship, and yours, appreciated folks, is kicking my spirits high. I wanna give out a big "hooooooyaaaaa" to my girl Republic of Chic, who was brought some wisdome to this dark spot in my head where foreign culture understandings is placed. And to my fellow man Mxolisi from South Africa, who always takes time to leave his thoughts here and still finds time to write great articles such as this on his blog perfectgentlemansa.
Last, but not least, comes Stiloges, who has one hell of an eye on incredibly good looking men´s fashion. I highly recommend you guys to take a look on his blog If you would please stand up, bow your head like mine and say thank you. Thank you!!

And to all of you guys regularly checking the stuff here: thank you for taking your time to take a look!


  1. keep up your inspiring work, i really enjoy reading your blog!

  2. Damn, dude, thanks for the perennial love. On the for real. I can't say enough about how you're always giving me shout outs here, on your blog.

    I think one thing I've learnt about style is that a geneltman must always be prepared for anything. Who wuld've thought that you'd need to dress for a cowboy look-a-like day, at your workplace no-less. Well done though.