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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Classic colour theme


didn´t feel like popping colours massively today. The only pop on today´s outfit was the self-made pocket square (thx a lot, mum!). A pink colour matching the shirt. You gotta have lot for the details.

If you´re interested in what i am wearing: pretty much vintage stuff, apart from the trousers. I´ve bought them at Zara last weekend, they fit really great and can be well combined.

Might be able to show you some more thrifts over the next few weeks...rummaging around on ebay for hours has turned up some pretty good stuff...stay tuned!

Oh, i´ll be attending an agency party tomorrow, so no pics from me supposedly. You´ll need to find entertainment elsewhere (if entertainment is what you come here for).


  1. Very nice outfit, it looks great on you.


  2. I haven't been able to leave a comment on here for the bulk of the week. I tjust wouldn't save and yesterday I couldn't even log on to your site.

    Those chocolate brown shoes are definitely the business. I swear one thing I need is a gang of knit ties. You all got it easy over there in Europe.