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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Suit supply: fabric sex


you know me, i normally don´t praise any label more than it deserves and i normally don´t give a rat´s ass about the maker of my wardrobe (as long as it fits and meets my expectations concerning quality-price ratio).

I guess i didn´t tell you lately that i possess two fine suits made by internationally operating company SuitSupply. One comes in pure linen, the other one´s a s130 blue chalkstripe one. Both are superbly tailored, fit perfectly and were reasonably priced. Really, really love them both.

And now?? Can you please be as enthusiastic about the following pictures as i am? Even if you don´t like topless women, you still have to say that those fabrics rock. Beyond all sexual connotation shown in here, they still are high class. And who could possibly argue about two beautiful individuals being on display, with the right one naked?

(pictures are all taken from www.suitsupply.com)


  1. Right! Let's hit the outlet store, when I'm back!

  2. I can only agree. SuitSupply has one of the best price/value relations I know of.

    The outlets in Roermond and Maasmechelen have suits for 100 € if you are lucky (ehemalige Ausstellungsstücke).
    Roermond has some sort of VIP Event next week (10% discount). I will be there and hope to get some :D