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Friday, September 17, 2010

Gala Style night


what an awesome and remarkable day i had...it all started of with me getting out of bed pretty easy, jumping into a blue cord suit, my red suede loafers and my Polo bow tie...and God, i felt great rocking this attire.

During my lunch break, a young girl called Tanna approached me on street, asking me if she could take a picture. The one-liner she threw at me was something like "Hey boy, you lookin´ like a young version of Werther"...ah well, whatever, just take that pic. Additionally, she stated that she was writing for a newspaper called....ahhh...well....something with three characters, starting with a G, presumably...

Nevermind, the evening saw me attending the Gala Style night party at Halle 6 in Düdo. Accompanied by the ever so beautiful M and master bespoke artisan Julian, we sipped some gin and juice and cracked the dancefloor, shaking our hips to the sounds of Turntablerockers. Ain´t got no song, ain´t got no melody!
This was the second encounter with press journalists for this evening: two young ladies, one of Rheinische Post and one of Bild Zeitung (two rather well-known newspapers) asked for an "interview" with the best dressed male persons, who happened to be Julian and me...damn, i can´t remember a single word they said (loud music), the only thing remarkable was that the young chicks told us off as being "strange"...

I know i´ve been saying that before, but i´d really thank all of you guys for your participation in here: Stiloges, Republic and all the others, it´s awesome to have you here!


  1. I have been enjoying your pictures via Style Forum. You are not afraid of color and creativity. thanks posting. It has helped me with doing things not always "normal"

  2. loving this look from head to toe...especially coz ur not matching the bow tie with the shoe... i dont like too much matchy matchy

  3. Oh my gosh I love this. The outfit has so much personality!


  4. I struggle with colour and expression. So I tend to stick to the conventional spectrums before I delve into deeper waters. You should've posted more pics from the Gala event. Would've been great to see how you looked.

    One thing though, I can't stand loud music. There is a new place in town which I am going to be reviewing some time. The music is just right and enables a lot more conversation.

  5. Mister Spoozy,
    great outfit again. The highlight this time is the bow tie. Wearable outfits, this is what its all about. I just stumbled over some men outfit posts of some "models" at other blogs and the only persons that commented were girls. Of course they were excited about the outfits but NONE was wearable for a menly men. I could not even write a comment because I would have ripped that outfit in my comment apart. Oh well enough blasphemy.

    Do you know the guys from Street Etiquette? They have a blog and I think you would like their style :)

  6. Where can I get these red sude slipper?

  7. Wow. Love the red loafers. Definitely a great pop of color!

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