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Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Christening and variations on a theme


i just got back from an awesome weekend, spent with the loved one in her former home town. Went to her niece´s christening, enjoyed some family time, a good deal of nice talkes, plenty of food, kids dancing and rummagin around, laughter in the house...it was plain awesome and once again prooves that nothing is more essential than being backed up with a family that cares for each other.

Having said that (and having a great link as well), i welcome a new member from Russia to our ever-growing family of fashion fools: Dmitri, nice to have you here. Hope you enjoy your time here and i´m sure to speak in everyone´s favour: we´re looking forward to your thoughts on the stuff shown in here.

As you know i am very keen on interacting with my readers, and always cherish your thoughts. I won´t post my answers to your comments in the respective blog entries though, mainly cause i think you like seeing the answer without getting back to the initial posting and secondly, some of the other style family members might engage in a potential discussion as well...so here we go (and nevermind the solely "Thank you" answers):

@Robert L: thx a lot, man. Great to hear that some of the pics got you started.
@Elaine: thx a lot :)
@Anon: they are made by french shoe company Markowski. You can get them here...
@MarcoBerlin: thx a lot, man. You´re totally right, being fashionable was never my intention. It´s about showing some stuff "normal" guys can wear on the street without being thought of as fashion victims. That might not be as innovative as hell, but who cares...and yes, the boys of Street Etiquette are great!
@Mxolisi: i understand your concerns, mixing colours can sometimes lead to epic fails. But as you know - no guts, no glories. Will likely host some more pics from the event if i find some on the web.
@Sarah: thanks a lot :)
@Prutha: thanx :)

Anyway, here are some pics to give some ideas about what was going on over the weekend...




  1. Good day Sir!

    Very nice ensemble and colour combination, yet, if I may, I would insist on sleeve length - your sleeves are consistently long, and half an inch of shirt cuff is nice when visible.


  2. likes.your outfit.period.
    just changed my facebook group name and lost all my "likes". Would be glad to collect them again ;)
    Grüße aus Berlin