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Monday, September 20, 2010

Potential purchases

Dear readers,

no outfit pics today, but some stuff i am thinking about buying...

But before that, i´ll reply to my latest comments:

@Alessandro: you´re totally right, the sleeve length needs to be altered.
@Marco: thanx.for.coming.here.period.Hope.you.get.fb.fixed.

First and foremost, the most incredibly good looking double-breasted vintage suit i have ever seen:

Too bad it is too big for me, a 40 inch size...even my tailor at Karbigac would not be able to alter this at reasonable prices (assuming he might charge me more than 200€).

Yet another duffle coat...isn´t that one lovely:

And then, a serious tweed jacket...would add some brown to my wardrobe:

Some more stuff down the road...


  1. The suits so great! Wait! I do have 40 (50 in German size). So, how much will it be?
    The Duffle's color is too light in my opinion. I'd go for Charcoal or dark blue.
    The brown jacket rocks! Go for it!

  2. Suit ended up at 102. Didn't make it. Arrrgh!