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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Citation works...


no big babbling today, just two words on my lunch break: met Mike of Inner City Style and Grimod of Le Grimod on Kö, had some coffee (thx, G!) and a nice chat about careers, fashion and men´s wardrobe...

You can tell by the quality of the pictures that they were made by an expert. Thanx a lot, Mike!

Grimod, a true master of his own:

(pic is courtesy of Inner City Style)

His wannabe apprentice, me:

(pic is courtesy of Inner City Style)

And Mike lookin´ fly, but not caught on cam. Damn!

The great work of others:

(pic is courtesy of welldressed)

(pic is courtesy of Swagger)

(following pics are courtesy of Styleforum)


  1. Perfect, honey! (except for the tassel...two-tone...brogue...wt* :-) You know your cardboard homie;-)

    Monsieur Grimod, I really appreciate you being such an inspiration to my loved one.

  2. @Grimod: a pleasure to meet you!
    @Superpeanut: you´re the best, honey. Made me laugh so hard :)

  3. Gotta love the fact that bloggers can come together and just conversate about things of interest. Spoozy, your girl isn't feeling them loafers. For peace and harmony's sake I suggest you send them to me. Always have to please your woman :-)

  4. great post with lots of inspiration

  5. Spoozy, great spectator loafers!! I love those and the pink jacket, well put together outfit!

  6. all the men look so handsome! did you take a trip to the cartier store that made a brief appearance in your picture?;)