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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

20 last days of summer


ha, shoulda take the weather forecasts into account more often when thinking about what to wear. Was pretty sunny today, so the light linen sport coat, dark blue chinos and a yellow cardigan had their last time out, presumably.

No full body shots today, cam went down on my mobile.

@Mxolisi: hahaha, laughed out loud reading your statement. Man, i tell you, there are ways to please a lady than giving away shoes. But if i ever have to decide between the gf and those shoes, i know where i can send her....ahhh, them, i´d wanted to say :)

So, what about those shoes? Diggin them on a girl? And guess her first name...

Old men know their game: red/yellow/white go-to-hell asian karate scene shirt with khakis and brown leather chucks...

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  1. So, what about these...strange... high-tops.
    If it's a girl wearing them, her name MUST be Tiffany. And I guess, she had a pink fleece-shirt ?
    Great weekend!!!!