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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The grey and khaki combo...and purple!


been pretty warm today again and i felt like sporting my new bowtie. I was wondering, if the grey sweater underneath the jacket would fit in colorwise...not sure still. What do you think?

Apart from that, it´s great to have you commenting on the stuff here.
@Anon: which Istambul do you refer to? The turkish city is written with an "n"...maybe you can clarify on that.


  1. Für meinen Geschmack ist der Sakko viel zu kurz, aber das siehst du vielleicht anders...

  2. Too many patterns going on here, IMHO!

    Take it down a little

    Remember, less is more by Mies Van Der Rohe!!!!


    P.D And don´t forget sleeve length! Shirt cuff has got to show a 1.5 inches.

  3. Too many details are screaming for attention. Even the socks do. There are too many patterns and the shirt's stripes do not differ enough from the jacket's. One doesn't know where to look at first.

    Chose a plain shirt (e.g. pink) instead. Also, a bowtie is such excentric an item that the other parts of the outfit rather be understated to let it have all attention. Perhaps a plain bowtie (dark blue/brown) might be a better choice here. Or if you want to keep this bowtie, combine it with a plain blue jacket.