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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dark, yet sunny


although it was rather sunny today, i chose dark colours...don´t ask why, it just felt like....well, red / black / white didn´t seem to be the worst choice. And i couldn´t resist wearing the cap (nearly the same fabric and design as the jacket)...

Ah, nevermind the babbling...

Rip me apart, if you like:


  1. Not too fond of the suit jacket worn with slacks. A tweed jacket would have rocked the boat!

    However, the fit of the jacket is good, all but for the length of the sleeves: a tiny 2 cm too long.

    Cheers and keep up the interesting blog work!

  2. You have a bit of David Beckham going for you! ;)

    I like this, very suave :)

  3. sorry man but ya look like a turk on the bazar in istambul