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Monday, September 27, 2010

Pinstripe and overcheck


that´s my latest aquisition...a vintage double-breasted, grey pinstripe jacket for a mere 35€.
I am quite looking forward to receiving it...

Lately, i feel attracted to the idea of mixing a warm west with a tweed jacket...what do you think about this one? Might come out great with something brown over it...like the coat from yesterday, maybe...

Just bought this one...yeah, preppy!

@Kim: thx a lot :)


  1. haha i love the preppy tie. i actually got a green one which just just like your bordeaux tie. wore it this weekend with a button down oxford and a military jacket.sound weird but looked alright i hope ;)
    hey and what about starting a shopping community ;) ? you always get the best deals. i love your double breasted blazer and even more for that price.that is not ebay germany right or is it? I wear a M/48 so if you happen to wear a 50 you can just forward me everything that is too small for oyu spoozy :)
    greets from your berlin blogger friend!

  2. The DB just looks very good. Do you know, who has tailored this one?
    The tie really is great!