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Monday, September 27, 2010

Another fall look


first i need to answer some comments from previous posts:

@mistermidwester: not yet, but if i have any chance to get my hands on it, i definitely will.
@Marco: thx for your input, very reasonable thoughts you put forward. I think this was the first time you implied some slight criticism here. Like it, keep it up :)
@Julian: yes, the high tops belong to my colleague...and no, her name is neither Tiffany nor does she wear a pink fleece sweater. You would like her appearance, i guss...she has an eye for colour combos :)
@TheShoeSnob: thx man, appreciate it!!
@Alessandro: less is more, you´re right Alessandro. The only problem is: it´s just not my game :)...and this time, the issue wasn´t jacket sleeves being to long, but shirt sleeves being too short...you got an eye for details :)
@Gentleman´s Gazette: hmmm...da hab ich noch wesentlich kürzere im Schrank, wohl auch wesentlich längere...ich hab da also keine großen Präferenzen....

Been spending some lovely three days with the loved one. Started off friday with attendings Fs birthday, the boy turning 32...and still not getting any more serious. Had afghan food and were chatting with friends...nice!

Saturday was quite lazy, not doing anything at all, until 7 p.m. My girl prepared a wonderful dinner (yummie, baby:)), two friends came over and then we were attending big Wee´s biggest roomie party ever. A flat with 7 rooms, about 150 square meters, crowded with people and drink, laughter and live music by several bands.

Sunday saw me indoor climbing with two friends and not being able to rock it as usual. Might have been the effect of too much beer the night before.

Anyway, this is what i looked like on friday:


  1. Love that you always look so chique !

  2. get the hat and the jacket. I suppose to recognise thechanging room and therefore the store and THEREFORE the hat ;) I had it on as well but didnt buy it yet. It looks really classic and is made from great material.