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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Paisley sevenfold, houndstooth silk and heavy tweed


not much to report today. Three things are worth mentioning, though: first, the heavy tweed had it´s opening appearance (temperatures are rather low at the moment, at least in the morning). Had the chance to sport that green-blue-yellow vintage tartan tie i bought decades ago. The pocket square blended well with the colour of the bd shirt. Grey checked pants, dark blue and pink argyle socks and black suede shoes completed the look.

Second thing noteworthy: saw three deaf people talking to each other. Was really interesting to see them communicating: they were gesturing, making faces and laughing out loudlessly. They all had a pretty good time and didn´t care that others wouldn´t understand a single word.

Third: went to TKmaxx once again...didn´t bring as much time as it might have needed to sort the crap from the crowns...still, three ties made of silk. The greyish ones are made by Ben Sherman, the third is a Seven fold by Pierre Cardin...and it only cost me 7€. Couldn´t miss this one...

Two options for tomorrow evening: either attending an European Champions League football match (Schalke vs. Benfica Lissabon) or spending some time with the new client in his headquarter...well, if it was on me, the choice would be clear. 

Regarding the last comments:

@MarcoBerlin: sounds like you perfected the prep look. Would love to see some pics :)...yeah, a shopping community would be great. As my closets are nearing their storing capacity borders, i will likely sell some stuff over here (jackets and ties, mainly). If you like anything, i am more than happy to have you steal it from me, just drop me a line :).  I´m a size 36/38 (46/48, S/M), so you might be lucky...
The db blazer is from ebay.co.uk, it is simply impossible to get stuff like that in the german bay. The tweed herringbone hat is from sweden, as you recognized...
@Julian: hmm...the tag says "Lapasserie", something No Name i guess. Fabric is 100% pure new wool. You don´t often see a db coat with non-peaked lapels, do you?


  1. Uhmm... You mean deaf, not dumb, right?

  2. guess what? I ran into TKmaxx today as well and happen to find this lovely flat cap from Peter Werth UK for 9€.
    I just took a picture actually:


    But truely, you first have to dig through all the crap there. But with at least one find I went home happily.
    PS: I'll drop you a line about our community idea!